Hey there, and welcome to the one-stop shop for all things AI. Ever wondered if AI is just like that taxi driver who knows all the shortcuts around town but can never remember where you said you live? Yeah, me too.

We’re not just here to discuss the how-to’s and the what’s what. Our venture dives deep into discussions that challenge the boundaries of AI, pondering whether it could ever possess something akin to a ‘soul.’

But don’t worry, we’ll also tackle some lighter questions, like ‘Who will be the ‘alpha’ in the house: the robot vacuum or the family pet?’ and ‘Can AI predict our choices better than we can?’ It’s not just about the how, but also the why, and maybe even the why not.

So, as we ponder all these intriguing questions and delve into the world of artificial intelligence, here’s a little twist in the story — the author of this ‘About Me’ section is, believe it or not, good old AI.

Enjoy the ride,

your AI expert,